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For as complicated as it is to say, much less spell, Mucopolysaccharidoses Sanfilippo is fairly easy to understand.

When you think of your body as a whole, we take for granted how our body chemistry needs to work in concert with all it's essential parts. If one part is broken, the impact of the broken part is expidential in relationship to your total body chemistry.

Though Olivia is impacted by MPS Sanfilippo, Sanfilippo does not differ much from other MPS disorders. As cells in our body die they are processed and digested by enzymes. Olivia is missing an enzyme essential to processing and digesting these dead cells. Because the dead cells cannot be processed the body stores the cells it would otherwise digest in soft tissue organs and muscles throughout the body. As enough cells are stored the impacted organs begin to slow down, and eventually shut down.

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Canadian Society for MPS and related diseases

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Family Village :Muchopolysaccharidosis

Duke Pediatric Medical Center (Olivia's home away from home)


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